A furdance is a dance event aimed at fans of the furry fandom, where they can come to dance, fursuit, socialize and have fun! It is typically one night long and the music is provided by DJs, who are all furries themselves!
No! Fursuits are not mandatory! The party is open to all furs, suit or not. Just bring a smile.
No we are not, we are a separate organisation.
At the date of the event you must be at least 18 years of age.
We have some snacks available for sale at the venue for those hungry furs who need to refuel before hitting the dancefloor again.
Of course you can! We’d love it if you share your images and videos with us after the event! Please do make sure the people you are taking pictures/video of are okay with it as well.
Any form of torso harness is fine. Leashes and muzzles are banned. Leg straps are OK as long as they don't hug/overly accentuate your crotch.


Ticket prices will be announced later. You can choose to buy tokens during registration (which can also be bought on site with cash or card!) and receive them when you get your badge. If you are feeling particularly generous and want to help sponsor the event, a sponsor option is available! Sponsors get a unique gift as well as a special lanyard. We also offer DFD themed tshirts as a preorder which are only available for that particular edition
You receive access to the event, a DFD lanyard and printed badge with your name on it!
Yes! Sponsoring helps out the event tremendously and awards you with a small goodie (an engraved glass with the DFD logo) for being awesome! Sponsoring can be done from €15,- or more and helps us provide the community with a bigger and more awesome event! You also receive a special lanyard as a sponsor, as well as the “Sponsor” title.
Yes you can! You can add more options to your registration through our registration system. We do ask that you try to add as much add-ons as you can in one purchase as we have to pay transaction fees for every transaction made.

Snacks & Drinks

No, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks and food. We ask you to respect this rule as our relationship with the venue is very important to us. If you get drunk and make a mess, we will make you clean it up.
A token is our form of currency and can be used to buy snacks and drinks at the event.
One token is worth € 1, Most drinks can be bought with two tokens. You can find the menu on the 'pricing' page!
Yes, tokens will be available for purchase at the event. You can pay by cash or card. Card payments incur a small fee to cover transaction costs.
Tokens are non-refundable. However, they can be used at future DFD events.